Where can I buy Red's?

Find a store near you by using our store locator on the where to buy page.

Do Red's products contain peanuts or tree nuts?

No. None of Red’s products contain peanuts or tree nuts, and the manufacturing facility where all our burritos are made is also a nut-free facility. However, Red’s partners with third-party co-packers to make our entrée items (not burritos), and those facilities do make products that contain nuts. However, our co-packers adhere to the FDA’s strict Allergen Cross-Contact Prevention guidelines. 

Where can I find information about potential allergens in Red's products?

The packaging for individual items is the most accurate and up-to-date source for allergen and ingredient information. At Red’s, we recognize the needs of our consumers who have allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients, and we take every precaution to ensure that cross-contamination of ingredients does not occur at any point in the process. Our manufacturing facilities have the highest standards of cleanliness and have documented and verified allergen handling policies. If you have questions about any Red’s product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at customerservice@redsallnatural.com.

Which of your products are gluten free?

Several of Red’s entrées and breadless breakfast sandwiches are gluten free.  As defined by the FDA, gluten free items contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten. With all of our gluten free items, we adhere to the FDA’s strict Allergen Cross-Contact Prevention guidelines to ensure safeguards are in place to control incidents of cross-contamination. However, it is still critical that you refer to an individual product’s ingredient list to verify it’s suitable for you.

What are GMOs?

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism, or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacterial, and virus genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.

Does Red’s use GMOs?

No. Red’s uses only non-GMO ingredients.* Additionally, we participate in the Non-GMO Project, an independent verification group dedicated to best practices for GMO avoidance. Learn more about the Non-GMO Project here

*Our animal ingredients are non-GMO, but the food they eat may come from GMO grains.

What is annatto?

Annatto is a natural plant extract used in tropical American cultures for generations. The annatto tree grows 20 or 30 feet high. When its seeds are stirred in water, they produce orange annatto dye (also called achiote) used to color foods such as cheese, butter, and mustard. Many cultures use achiote oils and pastes, which have a mild flavor and intense color, on meat, fish, and rice.

Does Red’s use artificial colors or flavors?

Absolutely not! We never use synthetic preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. Our meats are nitrate-free and antibiotic-free. And all of our ingredients are clearly marked on our labels and are ingredients you can recognize and understand.

Does your meat/protein contain antibiotics?

Never. The chicken, turkey, beef, and pork ingredients we use in our products are raised without antibiotics. Learn more about our ingredients here.

Why do you flash freeze your food?

We’ve found it’s simply the best way to lock in freshness and flavor without using artificial preservatives or artificial flavors. When food is frozen slowly, ice crystals form. Big ice crystals dry out the food and impact the overall taste, flavor and freshness. Red’s burritos are immediately flash frozen to lock in the freshness and flavor so you can enjoy at home. Flash freezing is nature’s natural preservative and is the process of freezing a food item quickly at an extremely low temperature with cold, circulating air.

Can I recycle your packaging?

In most areas, Red’s entree cartons can be recycled. That said, like you, we’re always looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. That’s why we’re working to improve the sustainability of our packaging.

Do you send out samples?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to ship samples of our food, but we often send coupons to email members. Sign up here to join Club Rojo!

How do I request coupons?

We love to surprise our community with fun ways to enjoy more Red’s. Sign up for Club Rojo, our email club, for special offers and to stay in the know on all we’re cooking up over here!  You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram for special giveaways and opportunities to win free Red’s products.

Can I buy directly from Red’s?

We can’t ship directly to you, but our online vendors can. Check our store locator to see which retailers offer online availability.

Who is Red?

Our namesake Red was a lovable retriever mix that our founder adopted from a shelter in 2009, before Red’s All Natural Burritos were born. Red’s trusty, playful spirit is still with us today. Learn more about our story here.

I love your products. Where can I write a review?

Well, thanks! The best way to write a review is to engage with us on social media. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to use #RedsBurritos when posting your own photos. You can also send fan love to customerservice@redsallnatural.com.