Our Founder

Watch this video to meet our founder Mike, learn about our company’s beginnings, and see why our team is so passionate about what we do.

A note from our founder.

On a cold New Hampshire night back in 2009, I was crushing one of my wife’s homemade burritos when I realized this was a meal so perfect and so delicious it just had to be shared. Both Paige and our trusty dog, Red, agreed.

I launched Red’s to bring you burritos as amazing as they were when it all began that fateful night. Years later my team and I are more obsessed than ever with the craft of burrito making and the quality of our ingredients. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Mike Adair, Founder and CEO

Red's History

  • Red’s Is Born

    Mike with first Red's burrito in kitchen Red’s was born in a kitchen in Connecticut weighing a whopping 11oz! (we’ve since slimmed down to a healthier 5oz 😊)
  • Our First Store

    Walter Stewarts First Red's Store Walter Stewarts in New Canaan, CT was our 1st store! We will forever be thankful for their support.
  • The Red’s Van

    First Red's Van The Red’s van…was epic. This is what we drove to the first product demos at retailers in the neighborhood. Stay classy, Connecticut!
  • Pioneering Delivery

    Delivering Red's Burritos on Bike Early pioneers of ‘fresh delivery’. We still have that cooler 😊 Seriously considering getting it bronzed.
  • Our First Trade Show

    Red's First Trade Show Mike launching Red’s at our first trade show.
  • This is Red’s House

    Dog in Red's Doghouse Red receives his first custom built home. OG Influencer life.
  • Best New Frozen Product

    Sprouts Logo Selected as best new frozen product at Sprouts! They are an amazing partner and we’ve been collaborating with them on new item innovation ever since.
  • Moving Down South

    Nashville at Night Music City here we come! In order to be closer to family we relocated to the ‘friendliest city in the South’: Franklin TN, (a suburb of Nashville). We love the vibe of this town – the food is awesome and the music is stellar, but what matters the most is the people are amazing!
  • Our First Manufacturing Facility

    Red's First Manufacturing Facility in South Dakota We opened our first manufacturing facility in South Dakota. Our goal was to be the best in the world at making fresh tortillas and hand rolled burritos and to do that we need to make them ourselves. We have been working hard to be better every day.
  • Chef Pepe Joins the Team

    Mike and Chef Pepe in Kitchen ‘Chef Pepe’ joined our team and brings 38 years of culinary experience in the restaurant and food production industries and tremendous experience with cuisines from around the world.

Our Ingredients

We Use

  • Always Non-GMO*
  • Certified Organic Whenever Possible
  • All Meats are Antibiotic and Hormone Free
  • All Eggs are Cage Free^
  • All Cheese is rBST-Free

We Never Use

  • GMOS*
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Colors
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • MSG
*Our animal ingredients are non-GMO but the food they eat can come from GMO grains.
^Birds never confined to a cage.

Our farms

Red's Principles

We’re focused on finding the best fresh, wholesome and highest quality ingredients.

Our Craft

Red's R&D Kitchen

Chef Pepe is a culinary genius bringing 38 years of experience with cuisines from around the world. He has traveled globally and ideated with world class chefs. He brings that inspiration to Red’s every day.

We cast a wide net to ensure we’re using the very best ingredients.

We mix, simmer, taste, and repeat until we find a flavor and texture we love.

We select nutrient-dense ingredients with hearty levels of protein and healthy sources of carbs and fats.

Red's Production Facility

A behind-the-scenes at how we craft our better for you frozen foods.

We cook in small batches to better control quality, texture and flavor

We hand roll each tortilla to ensure the perfect burrito experience

We flash freeze each creation to lock in freshness and flavor for you to enjoy at home