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Hand-built for
Life’s Adventures

Everyday life is an adventure, from your morning commute to your evening workout. Red’s makes it easy and convenient for you to fuel your day with delicious, clean label food that helps you keep moving.

Our Story


Mike & his dog Red

Our Namesake Red

After college, our founder Mike spent several years working in the corporate world. In between meetings one day, he decided to stop by a local animal shelter on a whim. The minute Mike walked in, he locked eyes with a lovable, rust-colored mutt and knew that Red the dog was destined to be part of the family — and the next chapter of Mike’s life.


Red's Is Born

Red’s Is Born

While Mike was in business school out East, he fell in love with his wife Paige’s homemade burritos. One night, he was digging into a comforting burrito when his entrepreneurial spirit told him that this was a meal so perfect and delicious it just had to be shared.


Our First Store

Our First Store

Walter Stewart’s Market in New Canaan, Connecticut, was the first store to carry Red’s. We will forever be thankful for their support! 


Our First Manufacturing Facility

Our First Manufacturing Facility

As the company — and his family — grew, Mike knew that in order to make the best-tasting burritos possible, he needed to own the manufacturing process so he could make fresh tortillas in-house. Red’s opened its first manufacturing facility in South Dakota.


Touring The Plant

Crafting Clean Label Food

As soon as the tortilla oven was up and running, Mike gave his whole family — including his and Paige’s three young kids — a tour of the brand-new Red’s plant. At that moment, he realized he wasn’t just feeding his kids, but other people’s kids as well. To this day, Mike is dedicated to crafting delicious, convenient and clean label food that everyone can enjoy!

What Makes Red’s Better


Unique, flavorful, zesty. Our food satisfies your every craving.


Great food, right from your freezer. Just heat, eat and go.

Clean Label

Fewer, better ingredients. For food that’s better-tasting – and better for you.

  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Meat or poultry raised without antibiotics
  • Cage-free† eggs
  • Non-GMO* ingredients
  • rBST-free‡ cheese

†Birds never confined to cages when raising.
*Our animal ingredients are non-GMO but the food they eat can come from GMO grains.
‡No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from cows treated with artificial growth hormones and those not treated with artificial growth hormones.

Our Craft

A behind-the-scenes look at how we craft our delicious, convenient and clean label frozen foods.

  • We cook in small batches to better control quality, texture and flavor.
  • We hand-roll each burrito and hand-build each breakfast sandwich to ensure the perfect experience.
  • We flash-freeze each creation to lock in freshness and flavor for you to enjoy at home or on the go.

So Convenient and Delicious

"I LOVE these for a quick heat and eat at work at breakfast time (or whenever lol)! And they're honestly so tasty. You can tell the quality in the taste!"

- BurritoQueen32

Great For On The Go

"Great for breakfast lunch or dinner with a little mustard, cheese or salsa. I have tried different products and love em."

- SciGuy6

Great Breakfast Go To!

"Love Red's burritos! I haven't had one yet that I didn't like. So convenient and made with great ingredients. I won't eat any other frozen burritos! I'm a Red's only girl!"

- majeeplady

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