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Hey Costco Fans

Packed with protein, Red’s Egg’Wiches deliver amazing flavor to start your day — fast! Crafted with clean label ingredients like two cage-free egg patties, an antibiotic-free sausage patty and a slice of delicious rBST-free cheese.

Find them in the freezer aisle at all Costco locations nationwide for a limited time!


Meet The Egg’Wich

Upgrade your breakfast to a Red’s Egg’Wich! It’s a ready-to-heat breadless breakfast sandwich you can feel good about. Look for them in the freezer aisle at Costco! 



 🍳Packed with Protein

What Makes Red’s Better


Unique, flavorful, zesty. Our food satisfies your every craving.


Great food, right from your freezer. Just heat, eat and go.

Clean Label

Fewer, better ingredients. For food that’s better-tasting – and better for you.

We Always Use:

  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Meat or poultry raised without antibiotics
  • Cage-free† eggs
  • Non-GMO* ingredients
  • rBST-free cheese

*Our animal ingredients are non-GMO but the food they eat can come from GMO grains.
†Birds never confined to cages when raising.

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