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Red’s Egg’Wiches!

Egg'Wich English Muffin
Egg'Wich Avocado Toast on plate with fork
Egg'Wich English Muffin
Egg'Wich Avocado Toast on plate with fork
Turkey Sausage Breakfast Burrito Cut Open

Red’s Egg’Wiches make the perfect protein-packed snack or meal right out of the freezer. To put a personal spin on your favorites, like our Turkey Sausage Egg’Wich, try these easy tips and tricks. From gluten-free recipes and festive brunch boards to kid-friendly and family-sized meals, you’ll find something for everyone!

DIY Red’s Egg’Wich Sandwiches

Looking for the best frozen breakfast sandwich around — and feeling creative? Start by heating a Red’s Turkey Sausage Egg’Wich, then pick your favorite bread, pile high with toppings like bacon, avocado, red onions (or whatever you love) and enjoy! Craving an open-face sandwich? We have you covered with an easy, nutritious avocado toast recipe. Chef’s kiss!

Gluten-Free Red’s Egg’Wich Hacks

Have your Egg’Wich and zhuzh it up, too! Avocado Brunch Boats that are sure to make a splash, lower-carb Lettuce Cups that look as fresh as they taste, gluten-free Jalapeño Poppers and more. These protein-packed bites add a little flair — and a lot of flavor — to your busy life.

Festive Red’s Brunch Boards

What’s better than Red’s Egg’Wiches? Sharing them with friends as part of a picture-perfect and protein-packed breakfast or brunch board! Add your favorite fruits, dips, snacks and sweets (baby cinnamon rolls!) to celebrate any season or holiday.

Adorable Egg’Wich Ideas For Kids

Help your kiddos wake up on the right side of the bed with these clean label (and adorable) Egg’Wich breakfast ideas — fun to decorate and fun to eat!

Family-Sized Red’s Egg’Wich Recipe

Red’s Turkey Sausage Egg’Wiches are your meal prep BFF! They’re the star ingredient in this gluten-free, cheesy casserole made with cauliflower rice or hash browns. Dig in!

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So Convenient and Delicious

"I LOVE these for a quick heat and eat at work at breakfast time (or whenever lol)! And they're honestly so tasty. You can tell the quality in the taste!"

- BurritoQueen32

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"Great for breakfast lunch or dinner with a little mustard, cheese or salsa. I have tried different products and love em."

- SciGuy6

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"Love Red's burritos! I haven't had one yet that I didn't like. So convenient and made with great ingredients. I won't eat any other frozen burritos! I'm a Red's only girl!"

- majeeplady

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