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Easy And Delicious

Red’s can help you combat the back-to-school chaos with quick and delicious snacks and meals.

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Red’s Coloring Sheet

I Heart burritos coloring sheet

You’re never too young (or old) to love burritos!

Download the “I ❤️ Burritos” coloring sheet, grab some crayons, colored pencils or markers and get to coloring.

Share a photo of your finished masterpiece and tag @redsburrito on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our feed!

Back To School Tips From Red’s

The start of the new school year is an exciting time but we also understand that it can be chaotic. This year is especially challenging considering so many routines were off last year. Sometimes, just getting out the door on time is the toughest part. Every bit of time-saving advice can be a huge help. The following simple tips have helped moms and dads at Red’s adjust more easily to the new school year! 

1. Agree on a reliable morning routine 

Nailing down a new schedule isn’t easy. Each year brings changes and its own unique rhythm. To find a groove and make the transition smooth, work with your kiddo to create an agreeable routine chart. This way they know exactly what is expected of them morning and night! 

2. Hang up an organized monthly calendar

Kiddos are visual learners. It is super helpful if the whole family can see the week’s events at a glance. You can write them up on a chalkboard or hang a large calendar on the fridge. 

3. Layout a week’s worth of clothes beforehand

Choosing which outfit to wear in the mornings can be quite the battle. Eliminate morning outfit debates by laying out a week’s worth of pre-approved outfits ahead of time so they can easily get ready in the morning.

4. Hang up a back-of-door final checklist

We’ve all been there, you’re halfway to school or work and you remember you’ve forgotten something important. Keep a checklist posted on the back of the door or in a reliable spot you frequently pass in the mornings so your kids can do one last check before they leave the house.

5. Have a dedicated after school workspace + keep them fueled

Keep procrastination at bay by having a dedicated desk or spot in the house for homework. Dedicated workstations keep supplies on hand and distractions to a minimum, giving youngsters a quiet, supervised, place to study. Snacks are also a great way to help kids stay focused. Think of snacks that are full of nutrients – mini meals. Red’s burritos are perfect because they cook quickly and are packed with protein.

So Convenient and Delicious

"I LOVE these for a quick heat and eat at work at breakfast time (or whenever lol)! And they're honestly so tasty. You can tell the quality in the taste!"

- BurritoQueen32

Great For On The Go

"Great for breakfast lunch or dinner with a little mustard, cheese or salsa. I have tried different products and love em."

- SciGuy6

Great Breakfast Go To!

"Love Red's burritos! I haven't had one yet that I didn't like. So convenient and made with great ingredients. I won't eat any other frozen burritos! I'm a Red's only girl!"

- majeeplady

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